Palladio Doors Dublin

Palladio Doors is design for the future. One of the most important things about this Palladio Doors is its energy efficiency. It uses up to 50% less electricity than a standard door. It also weighs less, making it easier for an easy installation. With D’best Doors and Windows, we offer a unique and innovative door with a MONOCOQUE construction that sets it apart from all others and it has a tremendous strength-to-weight door quality.

Palladio Doors Key Features

Palladio Doors are uniquely designed to offer a design that is easy to maintain and has a long-lasting shelf life. They are also well insulated and come in various colours and designs. The Palladio Door is a style of door that combines traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Before buying a Palladio door, you must consider the following features:

Palladio Doors Dublin

What are Palladio doors made from?

D’best Windows and Doors’ Palladio doors are composed of authentic oak wood with a natural grain finish. The wood is assessed based on its quality, uniformity, and availability. The door’s good U value rating of 0.205 is another plus. The “Lambda” testing method was used to verify this. Furthermore, all of our glass is triple glazed, and we employ edge tech warm edge seals for the best U-factor – 0.7 is a potential value.

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Palladio Doors Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

The Palladio door also referred to as a Palladio composite door, is an example of advancement in the home construction industry. It is known for being strong and durable outside and beautiful on the inside. Unlike regular composite doors, Palladio doors do not easily warp or deteriorate. D’best Doors and Windows offer Palladio composite doors that are energy-efficient, which means cheaper power costs, secure, and feature a distinctive monocoque construction that speaks for their well-built look. They are coated with a renolit foil coating, which means they don't need to be painted and can last for a longer period of time.

Palladio doors do not warp readily when exposed to the sun. Palladio composite doors from D'best Doors and Windows often come with a high-quality, high-grade wood frame. On the outside, the frame is made up of two or more layers of wood with a weather-resistant finish. Furthermore, the material used to construct the door is specifically engineered to keep sunlight from damaging it, allowing it to endure longer and look better.

Palladio doors have a unique construction that makes them incredibly sturdy. They are usually 65mm thick double rebate doors with a unique structure. They feature a fantastic wood-like finish that makes them look like real oak doors, and they include a hidden hinge. With D'best Doors and Windows, you can actually request a customized Palladio door - in which you can refer to our brochure or contact us.

The door handle will be on the left side if the screen door opens out (towards the right). The door handle will be on the opposite side of the main external door handle as a general rule. The handle on a screen door should be placed in a position that is easily accessible.


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